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Apply for the Schuylkill County CPT Jason Jones Military Scholarship!!

If you are a Schuylkill County high school senior graduating in 2020 accepted to a Service Academy, ROTC or similar military program in pursuit of higher education, please review and consider applying to our scholarship opportunity!!

Apply online or download the application:

Submit your application by Friday May 1, 2020

A $1,000.00 annual award will be granted to a distinguished graduate of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania who aspires to serve our country through military service.  Preference will be given to a graduate who has been accepted to a Service Academy, or who will serve with the military in connection with a pursuit of higher education through an ROTC or similar program.  Applicants must exhibit the strong moral character of a Green Beret.  The selection will also be based on commitment to the military, grade point average, leadership qualities, adaptability, and empathy towards others. Applicants from the following school districts will be considered: 

Blue Mountain School District

Mahanoy Area School District

Marian Catholic High School

Minersville Area School District

Nativity BVM High School

North Schuylkill School District

Pine Grove Area School District

Pottsville Area School District

Schuylkill Haven Area School District

Shenandoah Valley School District

Tamaqua Area School District

Tri-Valley School District

Williams Valley School District

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