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Tails of Valor

Each year, we have sponsored a service dog's training. The service dog will provide support to a veteran in need. Look at how cuddly!

From Tails of Valor website:

Canine Connections training program provides social interaction and human/canine bonding resulting in service dogs able to assist with the physical and psychological issues affecting Veterans and their families.

The addition of a service dog into a person’s life is a big commitment. The benefits, both physical and emotional, are significant. We encourage interested parties to apply for a dog through tails of valor

Captain Jason Jones Memorial Foundation's "Paws of Honor"

  • "Jason" was our first service dog

  • Hyde” was sponsored in honor of 1st Lt. Daniel Hyde, a fellow graduate of West Point Class of 2007, who was killed in March 2009 in Iraq.

  • Tails of Valor named a third dog "Jones" in memory of Jason

  • Plans to sponsor another dog in 2019!

Top Left: Jason with his dog Molly. Top Middle: "Jones". Top Right, Bottom Left: "Hyde". Bottom Right "Jason," held by Jason's mother, Suzy

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